Privacy Policy understands how important privacy is to all Internet Users. Therefore, we have outlined a very simple Privacy Policy.

Collection of Information

On, you may find forms for creating and entering user credentials, as well as order forms. We also use cookies to collect accessing device statistics.

How Collected Information is Used

Sharing of Information

We do not share any information that you enter into a form, such as first or last name, username, or other information collected via a form on


Our site uses cookies to aid in auto-filling passwords and customizing various portions of the website to suit your specific browser and resolution settings. We also use third-party cookies for collection of statistics data such as browser and IP address.

Law Enforcement

We will cooperate with law enforcement authorities, private-party litigants, and others seeking information about our end users to the extent required by applicable law. Examples of such cooperation include compliance with discovery requests, subpoenas, court orders and writs.

Links may contain links to other sites. The Privacy Policy of any linked is the responsibility of the pointed sites owner. This Privacy Policy does not apply to any website other than


We agree to use reasonable efforts to protect your information from unauthorized access. This includes form encryption, server security and monitoring, as well as the responsible securing and handling of your information. Although we make reasonable efforts, and take security seriously, the Site cannot guarantee that user information will always be safe from unauthorized third-party access.

Newsletters, Correspondence, and Opt-out Policy

Users may opt-in to a newsletter via registration form on If you have been wrongfully added to our mailing list and/or would otherwise liked to be removed from our opt-in email list, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Policy Revision and Updates

This Privacy Policy may be revised or updated at any time without notice. Please see the "Last Updated" date listed under this article's title for the last time this Privacy Policy was updated.